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Our system is the most space efficient, modular, accessible and hardwearing archiving product available. Documents are immediately accessible - without the need to shift and move heavy boxes. It's also freestanding - it doesn't require shelving or racking - and can be designed to fit any space.

Smart Box Systems

Smart Box Systems has been cleverly designed so as to be self-supporting in a variety of configurations.

Smart Box Systems

Common archive boxes open from the top - so if you need to get to your documents, heavy shifting and moving is required. SmartBox opens from the front which means that all of your documents are accessible all of the time.

At Smart Box Systems, we know the value of money.

At Smart Box Systems, we know the value of money. That's why we would like to help you save it. The Smart Box document storage system is guaranteed to turn your space, time and money wasting mess into an efficient archival solution that will pay for itself within 2 years.

Thought about off-site storage? Many of our customers turn to us after discovering the hidden costs and charges associated with storing their critical documents off-site. Pick-up fees, retrieval fees, storage fees, price increases - what a nightmare! With its super space efficiency, you can store your documents on-site at a fraction of the cost of your current solution!

At Smart Box Systems, we know the value of money.

The Smart Box System is extremely cost effective when compared to the alternative of off-site storage. In fact, an average Smart Box system will only take about 18 months to pay itself off!

At Smart Box Systems, we know the value of money.

Have you ever been stuck looking for that all important document for hours on end? Sick of shifting and sifting through musty old archive boxes just to find a single document?

Our system has the answer. Utilising Smartsoft (our locally coded archiving software) and the Smart Box System, we can guarantee that you will be able to find all of your documents within a few clicks of your mouse.

Moreover, our front opening system ensures that all of your documents are always accessible which means zero time wastage shifting heavy archive boxes.

A400 Series

456mm x 400mm x 280mm This series of document storage container is widely used in schools and private businesses.

Perfect for most types of A4 document.

Smart Box System will save you up to 50% in space

When it comes to space, every inch counts. Wasted space often means wasted money; money that is better spent on your business or organisation.

We guarantee the Smart Box System will save you up to 50% in space over your existing archive solution. How can we be so certain? Because our system has been constructed in such a way to minimise space wastage typically found in steel shelving, a compactus and marbig style storage boxes.

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Smart Stack The most Space Efficient and Accessible archive system on the market.

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